Students' Projects

There are many research projects that have been undertaken at Reykjalundur by university students in areas such as psychology, nursing, sport and health therapy, public health, physical therapy, biology, medicine, health economics, education, speech therapy, and social work. Some are accessible in English:

Thesis for the degree of Master of Public Health Science:

  • Guðlaugur Birgisson (2014). The effects of behavioural obesity treatment in Iceland with or without surgical intervention on weight loss, body composition, physical work capacity and physical activity: A 4-year follow-up. Supervisor: Dr. Marta Guðjónsdóttir, physiologist. Link to the thesis:
  • Maríanna Þórðardóttir (2013). The effects of intensive behavioural obesity treatment with or without surgical intervention on weight loss and mental health. 3-4 year follow up. Supervisor: Ludvig Gudmundsson, physician. Link to the thesis:

Thesis for the MSc degree of Nutrition:

  • Auður Benediktsdóttir (2013). Individuals with morbid obesity in Reykjalundur: Dropout and success in treatment. Supervisor: Ramel, Alfons. Link to the thesis:

Thesis for the MEd degree:

  • Anna Kristín Þorsteinsdóttir (2013). Þróun eftirfylgnihópa byggða á núvitund: starfendarannsókn í endurhæfingu. Supervisor: Inga Hrefn Jónsdóttir sálfræðingur. Link to the thesis: