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The role of Reykjalundur is to: Provide a holistic rehabilitation service, increase individuals´ abilities, activities, and participation in day to day living; actively participate in teaching and training of professionals in accordance with the agreements between the University of Iceland and the University of Akureyri; initiate and carry out research and education about rehabilitation. The work at Reykjalundur is guided by the Directorate of Health at each time.


Society has changed much since Reykjalundur started in 1945 and so has knowledge in the social and health sciences. In 1960 Reykjalundur changed from being a work centre for tuberculosis patients and developed into the holistic rehabilitation centre it is today.

Approaches to rehabilitation change and new equipment and technology appear. At Reykjalundur, the emphasis is on providing rehabilitation according to best knowledge based on rehabilitation ideology as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

In Iceland, professional ethical guidelines emphasise the duty of each professional to maintain their knowledge and to participate in continuing education. Reykjalundur creates opportunities for staff to participate in continuing education and to conduct scientific research.

Staff Association

On 22nd of April 1986 the Reykjalundur Staff Association was formed to encourage social activities and to enhance staff morale. The Association organises trips, various social activities and supports cultural activities for staff. The Staff Association has a summer house that can be used by staff all year around.