Board and Management

SÍBS – Reykjalundur Owners

Reykjalundur is owned by SÍBS, the Associations of Tuberculosis- and Thoracic patients, and is run on the basis of an agreement with the Directorate of Health and with funding from the State. Income from a lottery run by SÍBS is used for further development of Reykjalundur.

Reykjalundur Board of Directors

The Board of directors currently exists of a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Medical Executive, a Chief Nursing Executive, Chief Executive of Training and Advice, and a Chief Executive of Finance.

 Pétur Magnússon    Pétur Magnússon        
   Chief Executive Officer
   Email: petur[at]      
     Stefán Yngvason        
   Chief Medical Executive
   Email: stefan[at]      
 Ólöf Árnadóttir
   Ólöf Árnadóttir        
   Chief Nursing Executive
   Email: olofa[at]      
   Óskar Jón Helgason        
   Chief Executive of Training and Advice
   Email: oskarh[at]      
 Helgi Kristjónsson
   Helgi Kristjónsson        
   Chief Executive of Finance
   Email: helgi[at]      
 Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir
   Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir        
   Human Resource Manager
   Email: gudbjorg[at]      

The main role of the Board of directors is to make sure that work is carried out in accordance with the service agreement, observe increases or decreases in the flow of requests for available services, safeguard staffing levels, ensure that patient and staff facilities such as housing and equipment are maintained, and that the financial running of Reykjalundur is in line with budget. Additionally, the Board of directors communicates with the government, health authorities, the parliament, local authorities, and the Board of the SÍBS. The Board of directors also works with other institutions, and provides education and information to the general public. Furthermore, the Board of directors manages issues within Reykjalundur, such as policy development in relation to future developments, quality control, research activity, and pay and conditions. Also, the Board of directors oversees the flow of information within and outside of Reykjalundur.