Rehabilitation at Reykjalundur is offered to individuals aged 18 years and over, who have the capacity to adhere to treatment. Individuals attend the rehabilitation program either as inpatients or outpatients.

Referrals must come from a physician and should include relevant information about mental and physical health status. Smoking or use of alcohol and non-prescribed medication is not allowed, during the stay at Reykjalundur.

At Reykjalundur interdisciplinary rehabilitation programmes are offered in eight areas: arthritis, cardiac, chronic pain, mental health, neurological, obesity, pulmonary and vocational. Within each area, various specialists work in interdisciplinary teams viewing patients holistically and working towards improving the mental and physical health of patients, enhancement of social skills and social participation.

Teams within each rehabilitation area are independent of each other. Each team consists of experts with special set of skills in the area. Experts in each team work towards jointly defined goals, with joint and equal responsibility for the rehabilitation process. Particular emphasis is placed on encouraging active participation of patients in their rehabilitation, including formulations of goals to work towards. Teams engage in research and continual evaluation of their own work to ensure quality of service.