Rheumatic Diseases

The rheumatology team looks after individuals with musculoskeletal problems and chronic problems due to various types of arthritis and associated chronic pain. Additionally, the team looks after individuals who have had organ transplants or suffer long term illness. Priority is given to individuals who have not previously attended Reykjalundur.


After screening of referrals, individuals are either offered a pre-admission interview, to participate in a day of introduction and evaluation or are directly admitted for treatment on an outpatient basis. Occasionally, when required, individuals are admitted to the inpatient facility, where a 24-hour service is available. Treatment length varies according to individual needs, but is generally 4-6 weeks. Individuals receive treatment both individually and in groups. Focus is on improving physical and mental well-being and reinforcing participation in social activities.

The rehabilitation process starts with a four-day introduction and evaluation, where needs are assessed and decisions regarding further need for treatment are made. Patients are required to actively engage with the rehabilitation process.

Patients participate in courses on pain management, stress management, relaxation, and mental health, and also receive education for improving mobility, protection of joints, healthy eating, stop smoking, and education about fibromyalgia.