Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is for individuals experiencing diminished capacity to work due to health reasons. The aim is to assist individuals to increase capacity to work or study. Individuals who attend must be actively seeking to work or study. Efforts are made to help each individual to identify suitable work.


Initially, emphasis is placed on assessment of physical and mental ability, prior work history, and interests, while taking account of opportunities and limitations. If an individual is assessed as suitable for rehabilitation, appropriate work goals are identified. Treatment plan is jointly formulated by the individuals and the interdisciplinary team. Treatment is offered both individually and in groups. Length of treatment and follow-up after discharge are determined according to individual needs.

Various courses are offered covering stress management, pain management, mental health, and stop-smoking.

Frequently, capacity to work is assessed practically, in order to better observe how individuals manage various types of work while also clarifying limitations and opportunities. Individuals are assisted in job seeking.