Pulmonary Diseases

Pulmonary rehabilitation is for adult, smoke free individuals who suffer from different respiratory diseases. Individuals with chronic lung disease, decreased capacity, and diminished quality of life due to weakness and shortness of breath. Or individuals who require rehabilitation after acute illness, thoracal surgical procedures such as, due to lung cancer and patients after lung transplantation. Stop-smoking counselling is available prior to admission. Treatment is generally offered for 4-6 weeks on inpatient basis.


After screening of referrals, individuals are either offered a pre-admission interview on outpatient basis, are admitted for 2-4 days inpatient evaluation period or are directly admitted for inpatient treatment. The treatment is individualized and each patient is cared for by a interdisciplinary team. The aim of treatment is to increase endurance and muscle strength; to break the vicious cycle of shortness of breath and lack of physical activity; to encourage adaptation to the illness and it‘s symptoms; and to improve physical ability, mental health, and social participation.

Treatment includes identification of physical, mental and social needs, biological risk assessments, goal setting, and family meetings. Education is given on various topics such as lungs, nutrition, medication, mental health, ergonomics, tobacco free life and breathing techniques. Various assessment tools are used before, during, and after treatment. Follow up is individualized on outpatient basis.

Pulmonary rehabilitation at Reykjalundur is based on: An official American Thoracic society/European Respiratory Society statement: Key Concepts and Advances in Pulmonary rehabilitation.