Service Agreement

Reykjalundur is the largest rehabilitation centre in Iceland and is run in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to health care institutions in Iceland. The financial support of the State with Reykjalundur is defined in the service agreement between the Icelandic Health Insurance and Reykjalundur. The cost of treatment is paid for by the State and the Reykjalundur Executive provides an annual report about the running of Reykjalundur and the financial situation.

Gifts and Other Support
  • Over the years, Reykjalundur has received much good will from the general public as well as various gifts and financial support. From the beginning, the SÍBS lottery has been the main source of funding for buildings at Reykjalundur. Between 1945-1950 there were a number of profitable lotteries held, and in 1949 laws were made by the parliament in relation to the SÍBS lottery.
  • Oddssjóður was a fund that was set up by the Executive at Reykjalundur in 1991, in the memory of Oddur Ólafsson who was the Medical Director at Reykjalundur 1945-1972. The fund´s aim is to support education, research, and equipment purchases. The fund´s income is from gifts from the community and from the selling of sympathy cards.
  • The association, Friends of Reykjalundur (Hollvinasamtök Reykjalundar) was started in 2013. Anyone can register as a friend, paying an annual fee. The association, in consultation with the Executive, aims to support the rehabilitation work at Reykjalundur.