Quality Management

At Reykjalundur there is a Quality Manager who is responsible for quality control and implementation of the Directorate of Health quality plans, which are based on the WHO European plan for quality in the running of health services and services to community and individuals.

Quality Policy

Reykjalundur has adopted a specific quality policy which involves:

  • interdisciplinary teamwork with clear communication channels
  • holistic approach with health and well-being of patients at the centre
  • individualized treatment, with clear and measurable goals
  • outcome oriented treatment where outcomes are measured with recognized and appropriate assessment tools, both objective and subjective
  • active co-operation with the university community. Emphasis on research, empirical approaches and clear work practices. Quality indicators, quality standards, and quality handbooks are used as guides
  • patient records being kept in accordance with international rehabilitation standards, ensuring protection of personal information
  • systematic management of waiting lists, pre-admissions to start individuals in activities while they wait for admission, or assist individuals to find other appropriate services
  • active interaction with those who offer various services in the community such as work-rehabilitation, health centres, training centres, etc.
  • the possibility of repeat admission if illness is deteriorating or individuals ability or quality of life has changed
  • systematic follow-up of treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction

Councils and Committees

At Reykjalundur there are a number of councils and committees such as Professional Council, Medical Council, Nursing Council, Drug Council, Science Council, and Safety Council.