Reykjalundur is owned by SÍBS, the Association of Tuberculosis and Thoracic patients. SÍBS was formed on 24th of October 1938, by tuberculosis patients, to work towards improving conditions and the eradication of tuberculosis. Soon, it was decided to start a work centre for discharged patients to enable them to gather strength and learn a trade while receiving the care needed for them to fully recover.

In 1944, SÍBS bought land for the work centre in Mosfellssveit. This location had the benefit of being connected to good roads, also, it had geothermal heating and electricity. On the land were military huts left behind by the occupying army from the Second World War. During the first years, these huts were used for a cinema, sewing room and wood-and-iron work shops.

The 1st of February 1945, the work centre started, a physician and a nurse were hired in addition to other staff, and intake of patients began. The facility was given the name Reykjalundur. In 1946, building work started and the main building was opened in 1949. Thereafter a technical school was started and operated until 1965.

The SÍBS lottery did and still does provide funding for building at Reykjalundur. From 1945, there were occasional lotteries, and then in 1949 laws were set in parliament that allowed for regular running of the lottery.

In 1950, plastic production became the main occupation in the workshops. Between 1956-1977 LEGO cubes and plastic toys were produced. The business was sold in 2004, but up until then, plastic pipes, plastic film, and plastic packaging were produced.

In 1960, tuberculosis was disappearing, and from then on Reykjalundur became a general rehabilitation centre.


2013 - Friends of Reykjalundur was founded
2010 - Official agreement with the University of Iceland
2009 - Reykjalundur becomes tobacco free
2007 - Official agreement with the University of Akureyri, the first nutritional therapist starts
2005 - In celebration of Reykjalundur´s 60th year, a new logo is introduced
2004 - The science council is formed, the plastics business is sold
2002 - Obesity rehabilitation starts, new training hall is opened
2001 - A service agreement with the State is done
2000 - The first psychologist starts work
1998 - National fundraising for a new training hall “victory of life” takes place
1995 - In celebration of Reykjalundur´s 50th year, a new training hall is planned
1993 - The Residential Home “Hlein” is established
1986 - Reykjalundur´s staff association is formed
1982 - Cardiac rehabilitation starts
1980 - The first speech therapist starts work
1979 - Sport and health therapy starts
1976 - The first social worker starts
1974 - Occupational therapy starts
1965 - The technical school is closed
1962 - Physical therapy starts
1961 - The first rehabilitation specialist, Haukur Þórðarson, starts
1958 - Reykjalundur becomes a general rehabilitation centre
1953 - Plastics production starts
1949 - SÍBS lottery starts and the technical school is established
1945 - Reykjalundur starts operating
1940 - Oddur Ólafsson, physician, introduces the idea of a work centre
1938 - SÍBS, the Association of Tuberculosis patients is formed