Additional Services

Cardiopulmonary Laboratory

The Cardiopulmonary Laboratory’s main function is to provide exercise tests, pulmonary function tests and to undertake sleep studies.

Exercise tests are administered to assess the physical state of cardiac and pulmonary patients before and after rehabilitation, additionally, these tests are often used for diagnostic purposes. The exercise tests can be submaximal such as the six minute walking test or a maximal test on a cycle or a treadmill. The maximal tests are administered with or without measurements of oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide output, ventilation and arterial blood gases. A physician is always present when maximal tests are administered.

Pulmonary function tests can assist in diagnosis and in assessing the severity of an illness. Furthermore these tests can be used to monitor progress of illness. Spirometry measurements can be obtained, measurements of total lung capacity with nitrogen washout and measurement of lung diffusion with the single breath CO diffusion method.

The sleep study involves overnight assessment of breathing movements, airflow, blood oxygen levels, ECG (one lead) and periodic limb movements. Using these measurements, sleep apnoea and other breathing difficulties during sleep can be detected.

Further measurements provided by the cardiopulmonary laboratory are resting ECG (12 lead), body composition using bioelectrical impedance test and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (24h blood pressure monitoring).


Exercise testing of cardiac patients was the original informal beginning of The Cardiopulmonary Laboratory. However, in 1991 the Laboratory was officially recognised as a specialist unit. Presently there are 3 professionals and 1 assistant working in the Laboratory.


The rehabilitation process at Reykjalundur emphasises healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating. Hence, the kitchen at Reykjalundur provides healthy food based on using fresh produce only. The kitchen is HACCP certified. The canteen is bright and roomy and hot food and salad bar on offer for patients, guests and staff. The pleasant atmosphere in the Canteen, together with the healthy food, enhances the rehabilitation process.

Fitness Centre

At Reykjalundur there is a fitness centre that provides services to those who have difficulties attending general fitness centres or wish to continue training after discharge from Reykjalundur, and for the general public. All training is supervised by physical therapists or health and sport therapists.

Activities on offer are group training sessions, individual training in the gym and swimming. Various hydrotherapy sessions are also available, even for those who need to use oxygen while training. There are also physical exercise classes for men.