Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are university educated and licensed to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland. Physical therapists diagnose and manage various symptoms related to the musculoskeletal and locomotor systems of the body. Physical therapists offer specific diagnoses and treatments of problems related to mobility, physical capacity and ability to work.

Role and aim of treatment

Physical therapists conduct measurements and assessments of individuals and offer relevant treatments. Patients are offered various interventions to improve physical health and wellbeing. The aim of treatment is, for example, to improve posture, to increase muscle suppleness and strength, to increase mobility of joints, pain management, and to promote general physical wellbeing. Physical therapists run and participate in various training and educational group programs such as, hydrotherapy, walking-groups, neck and shoulder exercise group, strength training, body awareness training, physical stability training, mental health promotion, pain management program, and quit smoking program. Physical therapy also focuses on counselling patients on how to maintain their progress and continue with their activities after discharge from Reykjalundur.


The first physical therapist started working in Reykjalundur in 1962 and a year later a department of physical therapy was set up. Presently there are 20 physical therapists and 6 assistants.