Health and Sport Therapy

Health and sport therapists are university educated physical education teachers, sport scientists and/or exercise physiologists.

Role and aim of treatment

Health and sport therapy aims to increase physical skill, strength and stamina, thus contributing to physical and mental wellbeing of patients at Reykjalundur.

Health and sport therapy offers physical education, a variety of walking training (including “nordic walking” using trekking poles), fitness training in a gym, and swimming courses/training. In addition, table tennis, badminton and boccia are taught. Various sports are introduced such as cross country skiing during winter and golf, cycling, hiking, and rowing during summer. Health and sport therapy use specific measures of endurance and body fat to assess progress.

Health and sport therapy is an integral part of the interdisciplinary treatment offered at Reykjalundur.


Health and sport therapy started formally at Reykjalundur on December 1st 1979 and grew out of a horse riding progamme which had started in the early seventies. Presently there are 5 health and sport therapists.