Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapists are university educated and licensed to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland.

Nutrition is one of the health sciences and deals with human biology, the role of nutrients and nutritional needs of healthy and sick individuals throughout the lifespan and across cultures.  Furthermore, it examines positive and negative effects of various food products and how individual factors (such as genes, behavior, and environment) affect nutritional uptake and health. Nutrition has links with sociology, marketing and information technology.

Role and aim of treatment

Nutritional therapist provides nutritional advice and education to patients and staff at Reykjalundur, and has responsibility for quality control with regard to development in this area.  Nutritional therapist offers individual counselling to patients as well as consultations to various patient groups and staff teams. Additionally to provide nutritional advice, as required, to the kitchen at Reykjalundur.


The first nutritional therapist started work at Reykjalundur in 2007. Presently there is 1 Nutritional therapist.