Psychologists are university educated and are licensed to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland. The science of psychology deals with human behaviour, thoughts and emotions, and concerns most human activity across the lifespan. Rehabilitation psychology is a widely recognized specialist area within psychology. Clinical psychology and neuropsychology play an important role in rehabilitation.

Role and aim of treatment

Mental suffering often accompanies long term-illness, chronic pain, obesity, and accidents, and can hamper rehabilitation efforts. Sometimes, mental anguish, for example, anxiety or depression, is the main focus of rehabilitation. The role of psychologists at Reykjalundur is to conduct psychological assessments, provide relevant treatment, and provide advice and education, in order to promote better quality of life for patients. Psychologists assess various factors that relate to emotional well-being, cognitive capacities, personality, and behaviours. Treatments offered are generally based on cognitive-behavioural principles which have been shown to be effective. Psychologists offer individual counselling and group therapies in various contexts, for example, cognitive behaviour therapy for depression and anxiety and low self-esteem, mindfulness training, appetite awareness training, compassion focused therapy, pain management, and memory training. Furthermore, psychologists produce various educational materials and give educational talks.


The first psychologist started at Reykjalundur in 2000. Presently there are seven psychologists, both specialists in clinical psychology and neuropsychology.