Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are university educated and licensed to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland. Occupational therapy focuses on situations where individuals are not able to well manage their own affairs, work, families, or activities of daily living. Also provide opportunities for individuals to develop various skills in relevant areas. Occupational therapy interventions involve, for example, education, counselling, environmental adaptations, supplying various aids and training.

Role and aim of treatment

Occupational therapists at Reykjalundur encourage and support a balanced lifestyle and assist patients to coordinate self-care, work, hobbies and rest. Occupational therapists assess needs for aids and reinforce independent living and maintenance of skills for activities of daily life. Together with patients, they choose areas to work and to promote quality of life, at home, at work and in the community. Occupational therapists use various measuring instruments to assess progress.

Occupational therapy offers educational courses and programs addressing a variety of problems such as pain management, stress management, and time management.


The first occupational therapist started work at Reykjalundur in 1974. Presently there are 18 occupational therapists and 4 assistants.