Holistic approaches in rehabilitation often reveal the complexities of problems. Hence, interdisciplinary team work is regarded as an important basis for success.

The teams at Reykjalundur consists of university educated professionals who combine their specialist knowledge and experience, share responsibilities, and work towards a common goal according to specified work practices. The various rehabilitation specialist teams are independent and work towards further specialization in their particular area.

Within the health care system in Iceland there has been an increased emphasis on interdisciplinary teamwork and Reykjalundur is leading the way. To further develop and maintain good holistic rehabilitation practices the teams need to be constantly evaluated, they must engage in research and continue to develop specialist knowledge and specific assessment tools.

Interdisciplinary teamwork is important, it increases the quality of the service and patient satisfaction, and increases work satisfaction amongst staff. It also decreases staff turnover and decreases costs.

Good communication and co-operation is important between professionals, not least between professionals and patients to ensure that rehabilitation is as successful as possible.