Working environment

Reykjalundur (Smokey Grove), as the name suggests, is located in a green geothermal area (steam was initially taken to be smoke, hence the name) surrounded by trees, fields, hills and mountains. The beauty of the surrounding nature and clean air is highly conducive to physical and mental wellbeing.

The whole of Iceland is the catchment area for Reykjalundur. Hence, facilities aim to meet different needs with regards to accommodation. Treatments are individually designed for both inpatients and outpatients. Increased emphasis is being placed on outpatient treatments offered before and after admittance to the rehabilitation programme.

Housing facilities are comprised of 20,695m2. Generally, there are about 120 individuals attending rehabilitation at any given time. There are 61 rest facilities and 60 individuals can be accommodated overnight, either in the main building or in small houses located near the main building. There are also 18 nursing beds for those requiring 24hour care.

There are 14 meeting rooms that can accommodate groups from 8-100 individuals and a number of rooms/offices for individual treatments.

The fitness centre has a well-equipped training hall, a 500m2 sports hall, an exercise hall, two swimming pools (8 x 9 m and 25 x 9 m), a hot pool and a sauna. In addition to training facilities the physical therapy department has specific facilities for individual treatments. Outdoors, in the neighbourhood there are paths of varying difficulty for walking, biking, and skiing. Nearby is also a mini-golf course and a lake for sailing.

Occupational therapy has a number of specific training facilities for kitchen, bathroom and laundry activities, as well as various well-equipped workshops. There are also relaxation facilities, such as specific relaxation chairs and a roomy hall for floor relaxation.

There is a common bright and roomy canteen for patients, guests and staff. A variety of healthy food is provided. Main dishes are either meat, fish or vegetarian in addition to a salad bar that is available at all meals. People fill their own plates and appropriate proportion sizes are shown on a display plate.

Reykjalundur has its own sewing room and laundry.

Smoke- and substance-free institution

Tobacco, alcohol and other substances are not allowed at Reykjalundur. Individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances are not admitted. These restrictions apply to all buildings at Reykjalundur and surrounding environments that are utilized for treatment purposes such as various paths and outdoor facilities. Those who require help to withdraw from drugs or alcohol can be assisted, by an interdisciplinary team, on an outpatient basis, prior to being admitted for rehabilitation.

Medical Records

At Reykjalundur, each professional discipline maintain their own records on a common electronic recording system. Electronic medical records are necessary, both clinically for the professionals caring for patients and for the administration and the daily running of programmes. For this purpose, the international classification of function (ICF) is used as well as a nursing register.