Speech Therapy

Speech therapists are university educated, and licenced to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland.

Role and aim of treatment

Speech therapy offers services to all the teams at Reykjalundur. Patients are referred to speech therapy for various reasons such as language difficulties resulting from brain injury due to accidents or illness, problems with vocal cords, reading difficulties, and variety of communication problems. Furthermore, speech therapy serves people who have swallowing difficulties. Speech therapists conduct individual assessments and offer relevant treatments for both individuals and groups. Counselling and education of family members is often an important part of the treatment.

Speech therapy is an integral part of the neurology team at Reykjalundur but offers services to other teams as required. Additionally, speech therapy participates in research and development projects, and supervision and education of speech therapy students. Speech therapy endeavours to offer up-to-date evidence-based treatments.


The first speech therapist started work at Reykjalundur in 1980. Presently there are 2 speech therapists.