Social Work

Social workers are university educated and work in various areas, such as within the health sector, where they are licenced to practice by the Directorate of Health in Iceland.

Role and aim of treatment

Individuals who require rehabilitation due to illness or disability live in different social and financial circumstances. Social workers at Reykjalundur assist patients and their families to find solutions to various problems, concerning for example, finances, accommodation, education, work, and family. Social workers also provide education about social rights and regulations and assist with filling in appropriate application forms.

A number of social services outside Reykjalundur are involved with the rehabilitation process, social workers co-ordinate the various services and provide a linkage with Reykjalundur, such as health insurances, workers unions, pension funds and various community services. Social workers provide services to all the teams at Reykjalundur.


The first social worker started working at Reykjalundur in 1976. Presently there are 5 social workers.